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sears part 2

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Help! Tell me this isn't true.

I had a BK discharge in Nov 2001, Prior to that sears charged off my account, then sold it to another coompany. But sears still contiues to report to all three CR"s as charge off 0 balance and reports every month since then, IE> 01/2003 12/2002 11/2002

all the back to 1999 and then at the very bottom it says sold to a differnt company.

So I called Sears BK. dept.and explained that I disputed that and that it was included in my BK.

He said they didn't have to do anything IE change the status because they don't own the account and they sold it before I did my BK. so as required they report every month the status of the account as of the time they sold it. IE> charge off 0 balance sold to another company.

I said how can you report to CR'S on an account that you no longer OWN and he said he can report the status of the account as of the last month they had it.

I know this can't be true what is use of getting a BK if they still can report it.

So I then called EX and told them about was going on and she said they can do that but that I could dispute it. by sending the BK paper work to them and them contacting Sears. And if they still come back as verified no changes, I can then put in a 100 word response to sears crap. Should I do that if that is the case ? My wife said that she heard that 1. that it stays on your report forever and 2. It's at the very end of your credit report where no one see's it.

I know this is long but I really need some answers I don't belive Sears or the credit agency's

Thank you :eek:

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Ok, the rest of the story.

Yes, that is nasty the way creditors will stretch out the reporting to benefit them - they are not the only ones like this taking liberties with the reporting.

Now on the consumer statement - it will stay on the credit report - up until the time you write back to the CRAs to request its removal. And it does go into the remark section which is usually towards the bottom of the credit reports - but also are other important things which make the lenders find it nessasary to look at this section.

Now remember - when you ad a consumer statement, it is best to keep it simple and to the point. You want to illiciate sympathy, not exasperation so keep that in mind (not to shoot self in foot).

*** I would suggest waiting on the consumer statement & try your hand at disputing with the CRA (better to have deleted - then to live with on the credit report). 1st dispute tell the CRAs that this is not your account, please remove. If it comes back verified - then move to the next reason for dispute like incorrect status, incorrect last activity date... just keep rotating the dispute reasons and hopefuly Sears will miss one resulting in a deletion.

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