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unauthorized inquire amer credit

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I have an inquiry on my credit report from

Americredit the line says collect inquiry. I couldn't think of why they would do that. But then I remembered that a few months before it showed up I was getting calls from them concerning my ex-wife and the car loan that she had gotten from them.At that time I asked how they got my phone # and they said they back traced it. Now keep in mind I had been divorced from her for over 2 years prior to her getting the loan. I also gave them all the info which I had on her, very little. They also keeped calling. I finally had to threaten them to knock it off.

So my question is how much trouble are they in? I know that it is an unauthorized inquiry and they can be fined but how much and how do I go about getting it? the money

thank you :confused: :confused:

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Zounds! Nothing is ever certain, but I'd still have them in small-claims court in a heartbeat. Ask for $1000 statutory damages under the FCRA, plus your filing fee.

Even though you are certainly right, you can never know if you'll win, because there are plenty of idiot judges out there.

Not that your tortfeasors need take any comfort from that.


1) the judge knows what he is doing and you win,

2) the judge is an idiot and therefore roll the dice.

they are in a worse position than you are.

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