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Equifax, Tradelines???


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I went and checked my husband credit report, yesturday since I got a email from Equifax saying there was something new on his report.

It said Tradelines, And it said that the Creditor regarding your Account status and account history.

I checked on the first report that was pulled, and it said open collection/chargeoff. I did not see the change. What does this mean.

Also I am wondering when you pay a chargeoff, do they still have the right to list it as a collection account? The problem with this is it was given/or sold to a collection company, but we had just paid off the balance due for us to get our mortgage, so now I am wondering if it is the collection company doing this, They are trying to collect the collection fee's, but they are not listed as the balance. Do they have the right to do this. I call this the account from Hell!!!.

I still don't know if I understand how to dispute a paid charge off. I don't mean to sound dumb, but I am trying to get this right.


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You will get those notifications from time to time, even if nothing changes. I think they actually say that somewhere too.

As for disputing a charge-off, just do it the same way you would any other dispute...start with "Not Mine / No Knowledge of Account".

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