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New Score and Keeping Tabs on CRA


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*******Three Questions********

I have followed the procedure to have incorrect info taken off my CR. And, I did receive a current report from a CRA but not the current score.

How can I keep looking at my CR without having it show as a negative on my report? I see so many messages where people appear to be checking up on credit reports very frequently.

How is this possible?

Can I request the CRA to send me an updated score along with the updated CR?


p/pa :notsure:

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You won't get a score unless you pay for one, first of all.

Then to answer your question...you can sign up for one of the monitoring services offered by the credit bureaus. I believe it's unlimited looks at your credit report (though I may be wrong about the number of times.)

One thing, though - everytime you ask for a correction, you will get a free copy of your credit report.

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Thanks for the help. But I am still a little unclear on a few things.

How will I know if my score is adjusted to reflect the corrections on my actual report?

If creditors are going by my score, (and not necessarily any information that is on my report) then how will I know for sure that the bureaus have not only corrected the physical report but also the score?

I have read that it is best to have the credit bureau monitoring service such as Credit Expert. Does that mean I should sign up for all 3-Trans, Experian and Equifax? That could get very costly? Or, is Experian the most important one?

In other words, which credit report pulls more weight?

Appreciate all of the help

peh/pa :notsure:

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No one bureau carries more weight than another, so, to be absolutely sure, you must look at all three.

On your question of how do you know that the score has been updated - good question. This is my guess, since the scoring practises are not disclosed to the public:

Your score is based on your credit report, so if your credit report changes, so does your score. I believe that a score is the snapshot of your credit report at the time the score is run. In other words, they aren't updated separately.

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