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I gotta problem here......

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TU received my dispute letter on 7/26, my green card proves it. They sent me a letter on the 12th stating that they received my dispute on 7/31, and that they would begin their investigation, blah blah blah.....(well that's a lie, I got the card to prove it). I just realized today the 30 day period ended on Sunday the 25th.

On another board, a person told me to call them and remind them that I have the green card that says the 30 days is over and for me to not get all excited yet.

Well, isn't this the essence of what we wait for? They miss the 30 day deadline so we nail 'em....Right????

Don't I fire off a letter now telling them that they missed it (with a photocopy of my green card) and that they now MUST take all 4 items off because they missed the deadline? If not, where DO we draw the line?


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They are in violation of the FCRA:

§ 611. Procedure in case of disputed accuracy [15 U.S.C. § 1681i]

(a) Reinvestigations of disputed information.

(1) Reinvestigation required.

(A) In general. If the completeness or accuracy of any item of information contained in a consumer's file at a consumer reporting agency is disputed by the consumer and the consumer notifies the agency directly of such dispute, the agency shall reinvestigate free of charge and record the current status of the disputed information, or delete the item from the file in accordance with paragraph (5), before the end of the 30-day period beginning on the date on which the agency receives the notice of the dispute from the consumer.

(B) Extension of period to reinvestigate. Except as provided in subparagraph ©, the 30-day period described in subparagraph (A) may be extended for not more than 15 additional days if the consumer reporting agency receives information from the consumer during that 30-day period that is relevant to the reinvestigation.

I assume you didn't send them any other information which would extend the 45 day period... ;) So this is a $1000 fine. Send them an intent to sue and offer them the following options: a) remove the information or B) pay the $1000. You have them, my friend.

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Hey admin,

could this be under the "unless the credit reporting agency notifies the consumer otherwise..." clause? Let me explain:

I received my green card back stamped the 26th. They then sent me a letter on the 12th of August saying: "we received your dispute request on 7-31-02, and an investigation is now underway." In the FCRA, there's a little clause that says "the CRA must complete the re-investigation within the 30 day period, unless the CRA notifies the consumer otherwise..."

Have they "notified me otherwise", or can I take this green card and say SORRY BOYS, YOU RAN OUT OF TIME ON THE 26th, DELETE THIS JUNK NOW OR FACE A LAWSUIT!!!!!!

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