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Experian Online Status of Dispute

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Tried to post this a few days ago, but section disappeared after I hit submit button. I posted in Off Topic but thought it would fit better here.

Not sure if this has been posted before.

Some people have posted that they are sometimes impatient and call Experian to check status of disputes before getting official results. While on Experian site I found link to check status of the dispute. You can go to www.experian.com and click on United states

Dispute it online

Check status of my dispute

Type in Report # and info then agree to terms and you will be taken to dispute status page. Here you can see date results are due, status of disputed items, and option to have results delivered by email.

For faster delivery of the results of your investigation, we can send a confidential notification to your e-mail address, alerting you when your results are available for online viewing. The notification will provide a code and other information to use to access the results of your investigation. You may access your results online at your convenience, within four days of receiving our notice.

Mine did not show all disputes, but did show one TL as Pending and the date results were due.

Also, for those that may not be aware, you can request online dispute with your report #, and the site shows a current copy of your report. A good way to get current report directly from experian. If not mistaken, report # is good for 90 days.


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<blockquote>Originally posted by fixmycredit

The online disupte is a good tool I use to monitor experian. They like to cheat so check the

dates and if any items come out of investigation. hit them with a demand to reinvestigate letter

right away. ;)


I have used the same conform # for over a year now. Maybe its because I been disputing something in it the whole time. Another way to keep it free, is to add a statement, and delete it after a month or 2, and that will give you a fresh set of 90 days:D

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