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I disputed an item with Experian on May 8th and they say it was verified on Jun 3rd. I then asked them to reinvestigate the item because the balance is totally wrong and I don't think they really investigated in the first place.

I was under the impression that they only had 15 days to re-investigate. I also thought they had to supply the information of who verfied the item. I just talked to some RUDE agent who told me that 1. They never shoud have re-investigated the item and 2. That they do not have to tell me who verified the item, the only way to find that out is if I go to court. 3. That they have an additional 30 days to re-investigate. is this true???? :@

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What you should have asked for was the procedures used to verify the information. When you ask for the procedures, they are supposed to tell you how it was verified (phone, mail, tape, etc.) and give you the name address & telephone number if available. I have asked them on the phone also and was told the same thing, about a court order, and this was from a supervisor. I have sent them a procedural request and received a response that they cannot reinvestigate because it was already verified. Sent 2nd letter telling them I didn't want them to reinvestigate, that I wanted to know how they verified, and they have not yet responded. My next letter to them will be an ITS letter with all of the court paperwork filled out. I have heard that they are a real PITA when you attempt to push them to actually do their job.

Good luck!


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