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Equity Line of Credit vs. Equity Loan

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Does an unused equity line of credit lower your credit score?

I have noticed that "installment loans" matter very little--

I paid down an installment loan of $3200 down to $1800 in

one "whack" and my score improved 2 points. However,

when I paid down my credit cards there was a drastic

improvement. So back to my original question--and

does anyone know "for sure."

I don't want to take a leap before I have a little more info.


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Well them equity loans are a two sided sword for both good and bad:

The bad side of this is that if you look at type of credit they are showing as revolving. So if you have 3 or 4 credit cards already it is making you look like you have too much revolving credit.

On the good side, just like a revolving credit card account, low utilization always boosts the scores, the lower the better.

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