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Credit Repair Company...Can they do this?

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Okay...before I found this wonderful board.....we hired a credit repair company to help with the negs. We did not pay any $$ up front. They wrote letters similar to the ones mentioned on this board.

Yesterday on week 3 of our disputes....Equifax and Trans sent letters saying that they will not respond to credit repair companines...blah...blah...blah and let them know if we have been taken...blah...blah...blah! I am taking the letters to the credit repair company this tomorrow.

Can they do this? Is this a stall scam?? Should I wait the 30 days and then make them delete the stuff????

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Please post your question in only one forum as it confuses and irritates other members who are trying to help. Thank you.

As for your question, TU is probably the most notorious for sending these out. I have done two rounds with them and each time have received a letter. It is possible that if you really are working through a credit repair company and they don't have power attorney to deal on your behalf regarding these matters then they probably don't have to legally investigate. Chances are, however, that when you signed up with this credit repair company you gave them power of attorney in this matter, in which case TU has to investigate.

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