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Kb9, I called the court house...

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I took your advice and called the court house this morning. They faxed me over a letter the Attorney sent them dated June 1, 1998.


It is signed and dated by the court and judge. Is this good enough to send to the CRA's or do I have to take further action? Thank you so much for your help. Liz

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That must be what the CRAs have already; is that letter from the plaintiff.

The release forms which I am use to seeing; will be a court house documentation produced with their own letterhead, with the docket number; a statement in the middle saying that the case has been satisfied / released / dismissed. It will have an offical stamp on it dated. Name and signiture of the judge. Usually the plaintiff has to complete this special form at the court house. In this case the lawyer cut corners & the court house turned the letter into the actual release form (which is quite different from what I have ever seen).

Wonder if this court house just does things different; and that is why the CRAs said reported by the plaintiff (so this will not change the matter any). But at least we know the judge signed it / and they have it one file for anyone who many contact them down the line to check.

Least that is good news to know that the plaintiff just didn't somehow bypass the court house in the matter, you are fine with the way this is reporting. Just safer to be sure of the fact now.

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This letter is signed by the judge and has a stamp that reads:


1998 JUN- 3 4:04 PM

L**** Municipal court

L****, Ohio

With the clerk of courts name after the city & state

It is on the attorneys letter head. Do you think this will be ok as proof? Liz

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Definitely will do, as a release form, just a weird way they did that :-)

And you said the CRA was already showing satisfied so you don't need to send anything further to them. No matter that it says by plaintiff - that is fine,

Just needed to make sure the court house had their story straight their direction. :-)

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