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Is this a violation?

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I just posted this on another board but hoping to get some info so thought I would try here also...Any way...I have sent out the intial letters to validate and then today I get a letter from a cred. agen from around here saying to pay up. My question is two, or three, fold. What the heck is this? Is it a violation? I sent the letters to the one, Action Coll, in Idaho, now I get a letter from some ca around here trying to collect for the other agency. Seems like a violation but I am not that smart abbout this stuff. If it is a violation what do I do? Send a letter to Action telling them they are in violation, ignore this new agen? What?????? It sure is making me angry though...Now that I have requested validation these guys are coming out of the wood work.

Also what is going on with this board? even though I have it set up to get the messages from the last month I only get them for a few days. Where are the old ones? They were full of great info? Has the traffic on this board slowed down that much? Thanks for any info....

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Does the letter that you received say that they are trying to collection on behalf of Action Coll in Idaho? If it does, then yes, I do believe, you have them on a violation for continued collection activity. If not, it is possible that the account has now been sold or transfered to another CA. Sometimes CA's transfer or sell the account when you ask for validation because they don't have it &/or can't get it. If this new CA isn't collecting on behalf ot Action Coll, then I would immediately send off a CMRRR letter asking the new CA for validation also.


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