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Mortgage lenders killing my score!!!!

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Hi everyone! First post. My credit was pretty good (~700) untill I bought a house. I went to a couple brokers and they pulled their regular reports. But the one I ended up using tried about 3 lenders it seems before we closed, and ever since I see a another mortgage lender pulling a report every month. So now I have over 10 inquiries in 6 months, and my score is down to 620 :(. Worst of all, my wonderful MBNA account went from 16.9% to 27.9% because they now perceive me as a credit risk!!!!!! Wtf. I guess I have 2 questions: Is there any way to stop/fight all of these inquiries on my reports, and can MBNA really just do that to me even though I have never gone 30 or over limit with them. Whats to stop my mortgage lenders form trying to sell the loans to every bank in the world?! (OK, 3 questions :) ). Thanks in advance to ne1 that can help me!!!

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God, I would be pissed!!!

Call those lenders up and ask them why the hell they are pulling your reports without your permission. This is crazy!

On another note. I read on another board about this guy. He had score over 700, very good credit, and he used couple of those online morgate places (LendingTree, Ditech) well...they pulled over 300 reports in like 3 months dropping his score to mid 500s!!! Now that sucks!!!

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