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help me figure out if I have this correct

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Chase Manhattan Bank- reports to all three credit bureaus but only pulls tu report for approvals

Wells Fargo-report to TU and EX, but pull all three for approval

Citibank-report to all three, uses EQ for approval

Discover, and Capitol One-reports to all three, uses all three

MBNA- reports to all three, uses EX and TU for approval

Sallie Mae and Nellie Mae (student loans) -report to all three if you have accounts, but only use TU for approval

WFNNB (not sure what bank this is)-but they issue store cards for sears, lane bryant, victoria's secret, jcpenny, etc.- they report to all 3, but only pull EX. for approval

Ok, if I have all or part of this right please let me know, and if anyone, has any inside info, let me know please, thanks, jewel, and this is just from my knowledge of husband's and my credit report, that is why I am asking, if others have had the same experience, or not

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