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anyone heard of them? I just got a response back from an OC that is reporting an account on my credit report that is not mine, I was an AU. They say they report to all three plus Innovis. Just what I need another damn CRA to dispute with.

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Sis is right :) Unfortunately you can only order a report from them by requesting in writing :( Here's the address:

Innovis Consumer Assistance

P O Box 1358

Columbus, OH 43216-1358

You must include your Full Name, Current address(along with a copy of your DL or utility bill showing current address) Previous adress for the past 2 years, Date of Birth, Current employer, Phone # and Signature.

Cost varies from $2.00 in Maine up to $9.00.

Depending on where yoou live, some states the 1st report is Free :) .

You can alswys check out their website: www.innovis.com to see which state fees apply to you.

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