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what's the deal with the chevron rebuilder card

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can you apply for the chevron rebuilder card w/o being denied for another card, and what kind of CR stuff do you have to have or not have

tu fico-565

ex fico-602

eq fico- does not exist b/c they said I have no revolving credit history so they said they could not generate a score for me, whatever

and is there an income requirement, I know that the totally gas credit cards (ex amaco and BP are like a minimum of $2000 per year, b/c I applied and was denied b/c citibank said you have a BK on your report)

please let me know if you know


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well I got a Chevron Rebuilder card with scores way below what you have. I think I was in low 500s.

if you apply, they might deny you but most likely they will offer you rebuilder card.

I got approved for a rebuilder card witha judgement on my report.

They report to all 3 CRAs. I heard from some people that on their reports they don't show credit limit, but on all of mine they do.

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DH got approved for the rebuilder card with 4 judgements (2 paid & 2 unpaid), 3 medical ca's and 3 chargeoffs (2 paid & 1 unpaid). His score was 580's. I believe that you have to apply for the regular card and, if you are denied, they may or may not offer you the rebuilder. I have seen it happen both ways and I have also seen people with low scores get approved for the regular card.

Good luck!


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