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what is the deal with the union plus cc

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hey what's the inside scoop on the union plus card

morrow said they are strictly score based (all stuff in dispute is good for approval)

is there a minimum income requirement, etc

tu fico-565

ex fico-602

eq-dont have a fico score b/c I have never had a revolving account, so they said they could not generate a score for me, whatever



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all I have to say is there used to be a thread on House Hold and it was like 10 pages of valuable info!!! It got alot of people new cards!!! Dont know what happened to it, I guess it got lost in the big move.

The trick is: YES!! They are score based. They ONLY pull from EQ!! Make sure all your negs are in dispute!! GO APPLY!! If you get denied, you can get the inq off easy!! If they give you a 10-14 day notice, that usually means you got it. I dont know about the income requirements.

GO APPLY!!! Youve got nothin to lose!! :wink:

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After reading this thread I decided to apply last night. I messes up application with wrong address, called customer service and they had no record of applications. I had applied for GM, Corvette, and UP without disputing negatives. I reapplied this morning and was denied GM and Corvette.

I was approved for UP for $2000! :)%

Like Morrow says, you've got nothing to lose. Go for it.

Credit repair has been very, very good to me.

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