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anyone heard of a UDF (universal data form)


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Universal Data Forms are for just between the creditor & the credit reporting agency. It is a quick manual method for faxing to correct errors being reported.

This is not a form that you should have access to, what you would want instead is a confirmation letter from them, just a general statement to the effect that they will be making the necessary changes with the credit reporting agency. This should be on one of their letterheads and have their signature. The CRAs are getting picky about authenticity and a UDF form won't accomplish that on your side.

Experian is the exception they have another version of the UDF called bullseye, that is just as fast on updating. These are only a one time update, if the creditor does not change their tapes, then the update won't work. If you are no longer in the tape system with the creditor - then this is perfect for a one time update only that don't need anything father. Like to show paid in full and zero out the balance.

Other wise if you try to update an open account that still has a balance, this will not work, it will only accomplish a dead tradeline, that the following month no data will be forth coming from the creditor.

Plus there is the second problem, if a creditor does not use the same key information as provided on the tapes, it will not update the existing tradeline, but instead create a new second tradeline. Which will accomplish one still showing incorrect, and one showing correct.

Also there are problems with the creditors - manually knowing all the codes needing to be used! Easy to mess these things up further, sometimes it can really turn into trial & error on the creditors part trying to complete one of these correctly.

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