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Inquiry removed using Planetfeedback.com


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That's good to know because I was thinking of trying that myself. Online disputing worked for me, so I was thinking of doing PFB for my inquiries, it would really save me some money in CRRR costs. If it doesn't work over PFB, I can always go back to snail mail. xsnailx

By the way, how long did it take before you heard from them?

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and received a responce on 8/11. Pretty quick response!

Here's the letter I submitted:

"Dear Customer Service,

I'm writing to alert you to a problem I've had with a credit card issued by you. My problem concerns privacy. I hope by bringing this to your attention, the problem will be addressed. This incident has made me extremely upset.

Here's what happened: I called your customer service line on Thursday, July 24 to inquire about a possible credit limit increase. I explained to the lady that I spoke with that I wanted my account history reviewed in determining a credit line increase and specifically did not want a hard inquiry placed on my credit report.

I was asked how much of an increase I looking for and I explained that I did not have a set amount. I was only wanting to increase my revolving credit limit to improve my credit score. I've had this account for several years and I have not had an increase at all.

My account history with MBNA was good so I assumed that it would be easy to get an increase however small it may be. The Rep. told me to hold while she reviewed my account and came back a few seconds later and told me I was denied. I asked why and she did not give me a direct answer.

I must say I was very dissappointed with the decision especially since I have a long time customer of MNBA and when I pulled my credit report on July 25 and discovered an inquiry on my report from MBNA I was LIVID.

I'm not sure what kind of business you people are running, but as I customer I can say that I am very displeased and at this point would not recommend you service to anyone I know.

Here's what I want you to do: I would like the inquiry removed from all credit bureau's and a letter stating that this erroneous information has been or is being removed immediatly.

In the future, I probably will not do business with you. And I probably won't recommend you to others.

I appreciate your taking the time to listen to my complaint. I hope it can be addressed.


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