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spoke to lawyer today about sol


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I think the individual state UCC code deals with the SOL for medical bills (goods and services).

These is no credit agreement or contract allowing for installment payments where most medical bills are concerned. So I have doubts about the advice you got.

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First off, the both of you really need to update your profile to reflect what state you are from, please.

That is scary that a lawyer would say that.. but it might just be different laws for different state.

I am in Illinois here.. work for a credit bureau... and the owner here owned a collection agency.. I have asked this question of serveral sources... and each time I have gotten the same answer. SOL is open account. So here that means they are treated just like credit card accounts no more then 5 years to collect.

Because unlike an installment loan, you are not setting terms with interest already pre figured in to the balance. Least that has been my thinking on this matter.

And SOL will start the 2 months from service (if you never once paid) if you did make payments... then the last one; prior to charge off you would add 1 month to get the first delinquency.

Like Example:

Service 1/1997; was billed 2/1997 did not pay.. so 3/1997 was the first late 30 days...

With Illinois SOL add 5 years to 3/1997 = 3/2002

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need your help on this one. I have 6 (count 'em 6) collections with MEDICOL Collection Agency in Greenville, SC. These are for the Greenville Hospital Systems. 3 are paid and 3 are unpaid. State law in SC says that your state tax refund can be held for liabilties owed to a public or state funded facility.

My question is that these are turned over to the CA then after a period of time the hospital applies to have your tax refund withheld from you but on my CR it says paid and unpaid collection from MEDICOL for Greenville Hospital systems.

Would a HIPPA letter to the hospital work or should I dispute and make the CA verify? I have already disputed with EQ as not mine and they all came back verified.

I think that the law must be somewhat different in SC but I'm not sure what it is.

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