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I think I got approved for HouseHold!!!


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Some of you might know that I recently applied for Household card. I wasn't sure if I would get approved.

They charged my account today 49 processing fee, so I guess I got approved :lol: Yeah I know....49 bucks just to process the application, but I need to rebuild my credit. Once I do, I can ditch those high interest cards. I am not even planning to use that card much. Just maybe for gas here and there....

If I get it, this will be my first REAL credit card in like 6 years or so. I am not counting Chevron because I can't really use it in the stores.

So you guys think that I got approved? They charged my checking account 49 bucks! hehehe They said in the application that if I don't get approved, they will refund the application fee...

keep your fingers crossed for me! hehehe

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