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KB and Sis


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I find using the strategies from this board are most powerful. Thanks to both of you my TU situation is manageable. Both CH.13 and Judgement are gone. Is it possible that deleting previous address was key to this? :D


Anyhow I can boast at a cleaner, leaner TU record. On the way to buying a new home. Will make my move to approach a bank in December. :wink:

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That is great news Creditbound -

Yes, all reporting is linked by relationships - all your identifying information works together to tie them accounts to your credit report.



Social Security Number

If they are missing the address, or should the name change, this goes to helping you remove tradelines that may have been tied to them.

Especially with judgments because it is not often that a persons social security number is logged at the court house.

Bankruptcy - that one is harder, but definitley good news you got that bumped. - Just remember if you are asked about the bankruptcy on an application you will still need to acknowledge it - since banks just don't go by the CRAs to gather this information. You definitely don't want to get caught there on that part.

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Credithound-Sometimes when you call, they will do it right then and there. Other times, it is a total hassle! Just depends on the rep you get. I have had the extremes of both.

Btw, the rep I spoke with at EX today said that they no longer accept faxed disputes...?


So, does this mean that a person could also lose older good TLs when deleting old addresses if that acct was tied to that old address?

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The only time, I know of positive trades coming off the credit report is being linked to the Social Security Number.

There are times here - that I have to fix mixed files through Experian (which will show multiple social security numbers, when this happens). Well I know for a fact when they remove that SS# - all incorrect info will be pulled right off the credit report.

I have not seen this to be the case with good tradelines, linked by address, you have to actively dispute this first.

So it is very important that you identify which account your are disputing especially if you have more then one account with the same creditor.

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