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This is a Great Board -Swede!!


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I have 3 collections left to dispute

Then I will dive into the Old Revolving Credit that has charge-offs!

Any suggestions :D

Thanks :) That's great that you got stuff off already. Always start disputing the CA accounts and charge off as "not mine" with the CRA's. You'll be surprised on how much you can get rid of that way and not have to deal with debt validation.

If/When it comes back verified, you should send a DV letter to CA's and a letter stating incorrect reporting/asking for proof quoting the FCRA to the OC's. Send it CMRRR, track it -use www.usps.com - and when you know they have signed for it, dispute again with the CRA's using another reason than "not mine". They cannot respond to the CRA's without a notice of your dispute and most times they don't so you have them on violation.

If this doesn't pan out- come back and we'll take it from there......Good luck!!

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