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Special Regulations re Collection of Med Bills?? Help!!


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I'm located in GA and have sent three letters, all CMRRR, to CA. The 1st 2 were requests to remove from CR upon payment in full of $162.82. The last was a DV letter b/c they refused the 1st 2 times, saying it violated their agreement w/ EQ. At the same time of the DV, I disputed w/ EQ. I saw online today thru EQ that the verified w/ EQ. They already repied to my DV w/ Printouts from the hospital only, NO AGREEMENT B/T OC & CA, NO PROOF TO COLLECT IN GA, & NO HOSPITAL FORM W/ MY SIGNATURE. (Original amt was $325.65, but I paid that 8/00, long b/f I saw this site. I paid that directly to the CA, who was assigned the debt 7/00 for in-patient srvs 12/99). So now, according to this site, I have created a contract b/t myself and the CA. I know that I can now say their verifcation was incomplete, However I SAW ON THIS SITE ABOUT A MONTH AGO SPECIAL REGULATIONS CONCERNING COLLECTION OF MEDICAL/HOSPITAL BILLS. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REPASTE THAT OR PROVIDE A LINK??? I THINK IT WOULD REALLY HELP NOT ONLY ME, BUT MANY OTHERS OUT THERE.

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