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hold off on credit repair


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hey you guys,

Well there may be a real possibility that I will be butting heads with Wells Fargo Bank soon, so I know they will probably pull my report prior to settlement or court or whatever happens, so I have decided to lay off disputing any neg. info on my report accept for a few inquiries and a paid med. collection, until after I go to my lawyer's appt. on tues. and find out what we are going to do about WFB, b/c I figure the worse my report looks the more leverage I will have to either reach settelment or whatever the lawyer thinks is best but I have a bunch of questions prepared to ask him, and since I am currently not employed and have bad credit maybe I can get a lower settlement amount than what they are asking my hubby for, I really want to get this thing over with

anyway I promise I will post info after I speak with attorney


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