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Skimpy little $95 utility CO from three months ago...

Disputed 31 days ago and it just fell off. Bye bye!

FICO went up +50.

Because the reported amount was so small I paid the CO...I couldn't resist.

I know paying a CO before disputing is generally BAD.

I understand I lost all my leverage and left a recent paper trail by paying the CO prior to disputing.

CA was reporting not the OC.

I paid directly to the OC.

I seemed to me that the CA would have little incentive to verify the paid CO since they couldn't get any dough.

Coincidence that the CA had nothing to gain by updating and the TL fell off ?


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Oh, that collection agency could have kept the reporting, you just got lucky on your case.

Just because you pay the OC don't always mean you have the leverage to make them retract their collection agency.

Some collection agencies add verbage to their contracts specifically to stop Original Creditors from under cutting their proffits or reporting ability.

Just that you never know until you try.

Yes, them utility companies can and do report now, In Illinois just about ever power company; gas company is reporting actively like OCs (good & bad accounts); they are not nessasarily waiting any longer for the accounts to go bad before letting a collection agency pick them up. Why pay collection fees, when subscribing to a CRA is cheaper and effective to chase the late pays to them.

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