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I was wondering if you could help me? I posted this before but I missplaced the printout of what info. was given. When I got my very first credit report back in December I noticed I had a medical collection on it from a location collection agency. Well I got the address and telephone number and called them and asked if I could pay it (I payed with a personal check- I know now that was dumb) and they said yes. Well I asked her if I payed it would they remove it from my credit report and they said yes it will be updated. Well I really did not know better at the time, but I thought that meant removal and well it did not and it is still there. So how can I get this paid medical collection off my report, it is only on TU and EX, but I only working on this and addresses, and inquiries right now, b/c I am trying to deal with Wells Fargo also, and I figure the worse my report looks the better of a settelment deal I might get if it comes to that.

ok, well any info would be appreciated.



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