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Nelnet can take a long walk off a short pier!!


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I hate those idiots. I started my consoladation in MAY!!! I requested 'kwik pay' from my account for a .25% interest rate decrease... i also requested a graduated payment plan because i have a large tab... could that be easy enough? no of course not.

the loan went through and my first payment is due September 4th. But they have me on the standard payment plan and NEVER changed it to graduated!!! ALSO they never authorized my kwik pay application...

I called these people, emailed these people, and faxed these people and they still can't get it right. so i have to make a payment I can't afford to make next month based on their deliberate disregard for adequate customer service. i hope seagulls crap on their winshields.

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Good old customer service.

Call them and tell them that you want the money reinstated in you account. They have to do this if they did not follow your application correctly. They are going to tell you that it will make you account past due. You responce should be "I would like to be placed on a temporary harship forberance" This will put your account on hold untill they can get everything straight.

The Department of Education awards every Stafford loan 3 year of THF time which can be used anywhere from 1 -12 month intervals. So anytime you can not make a payment just let them know any you can have your account placed on this

As always let me know if you have any question.


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