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charge-off account from 1997 with balance updated monthly Ex

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Has this happend to anyone else? The original creditor charged off the account in 1997. It is never sent (to my knowledge) to a CA, but the OC still continues to add interest and report a balance owing. (They just started doing this in the past 12 months) Not only that, but the balance is 2 times as much as the charge-off. This is effecting my debt to income ratio. I thought if an account was charged off, the OC could only charge interest if they sent it to a CA because they have already taken the tax deduction for the account in the year that it became delinquent. Do I have any recourse in this matter. I have already disputed "wrong balance" and they came back verified with even more "interest" tacked on. I would not care, but it has brought my score down 100 points. (When I disputed I saw what my score should be.) This will eventually fall off next year, but in the meantime.........


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