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DV and goodwill responses, what to do?

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Hey all, I have received a response from my 2 dv letters to RMA about 2 accounts on my eq report, they said that they no longer hold the accounts and that the information they have supplied to the cra's will be removed. I have also received [today] a response from Household bank stating

"We would like to inform you that we have cleared any derogatory information from your file and are reporting your account to the Credit Bureaus as follows: NO PAST DUE PAYMENTS".

This has to be true because the credited my cc with 2 &29 late payment charges last week. Now my question is, do I just go ahead and send a copy of the letters to the cra's and request that they correct the reporting now or just wait a while and see what happens?

Thanks for any advice!

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You should go ahead and get these copied and fax or mail them to cras. I have read a lot of folks that have done this, as it gets fixed a lot sooner that way. It seems to take a while for the creditors to get this reported right to the cras. I think its more on the cra's being slow to process the info than the creditor to send it. I had my bf added to my cc two months ago, and it still has not shown up as joint or on bf's reports. CC said they sent in the info a month ago.

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