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RE: inaccurate information and FICO scores

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With so many people knowing how unreliable the credit bureau's information is, I do not understand how companies rely on their FICO scores. You've got lawsuits creeping up everywhere...If I was a company, I'd be very hesitant to rely on their information.

Even my husband who has A++ credit...Never paid anything late, EVER, has had 2 inaccurate tradelines on his credit. We disputed and found out it was his father's.

With all the computer viruses around, why in the world don't they focus on the right computers to take out?

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It will happen.

As I have said in other posts, I am an insurance agent. I write massive amounts of coverage for a particular auto insurer. (They love me, I am the #1 producer in my territory, they just gave me a party platter of Subway sandwiches yesterday, diet food, yeah!)

And I really love that company, they are AWESOME. And I know plenty of people will have a complaint against them, given that they have a jillion customers. They are not perfect. Neither am I. But as insurance companies go, they are WAYYYYYY better than any other. And I oughta know. I challenge anyone to tell me they know that company better than

I do.

But I digress...every single time I quote (let alone WRITE) that company, I have to order a credit score from Equifax. So I have to make a deal with the devil to get at the saints.

Everything (sigh) is shades of grey, I guess.

And yes, methinks much much more has got to be done about the accuracy question. I think that insurer needs to (and hopefully will) do something, given the number of inqiries they make of Equifax. The insurer I mention is very committed to the concept of insurance scoring. (A fascinating subject), but the concept is only valuable if the info is TRUE!

And how true does Equifax make it? NOT TRUE ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

Reform is in the air.

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