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The Additional Disputed Accounts Are Not Currently Reporting

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I recently submitted a rather lengthy dispute letter sent via CMRRR to EQ on DH’s behalf.

I submitted several “exhibits” for verification of inaccuracies on his report. IE: He had judgements that were settled being reported as “in process.” Dismissed cases showing up as active judgements in duplication. In addition he had about 5 addresses in Massachusetts, Florida etc that were not his. (We have never lived in these states.)

They mailed back a “Results of Your Investigation” saying they had deleted the incorrect addresses. They said that they reviewed the judgements and are currently reporting them as released, only to put them on in duplication in the actual report (mind you same case number right below each other). One saying the duplicated judgement (that was released) is “Pending” and the other says that “Customer Disputes and Say Not His.” Note: these duplications are triplicates in the Public Record Information section of the CR, not just a simple duplication. In addition, they became duplication in quadruples as they also left the information in the Collection Agency Account Information. I provided well-documented, labeled court filings to provide the verification they needed.

Additionally, they left information of a judgement that Asset Acceptance attempted to place on me, which was dismissed, because they couldn’t validate that it was my DH’s card.

Out of 20 disputes, (not including the liens/judgements and address sections) they only said they researched one and that the results are that the one item had been reported correctly.

To address the rest, they wrote something I just don't understand. So, getting to my question, on the back of the first page under Results of Your Investigation – Continued they state, “We have reviewed your concerns and our conclusions are”


Q: 1. Does anyone know what “THE ADDITIONAL DISPUTED ACCOUNTS ARE NOT CURRENTLY REPORTING ON THE EQUIFAX CREDIT FILE” means for me in a dispute? Of course they are reporting or else they wouldn’t be on my DH’s report! Am I missing something here?

Q: 2. Any advice on how to handle this obvious blatant ignorance of my well-documented dispute? Is this where the second request to validate comes in or should I write a letter requesting an explanation of their investigation?

Guidance would be helpful, as I am not sure if the next step is to get really threatening with them, OR give them several chances to make the appropriate reporting information accurate. Doesn’t law protect consumers to have accurate information about them reported? Are they avoiding or do they have something on me that I don’t know about?

Big advance Thanks!

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I think at this point, I would wait it out and see just what the end results are. Since it is already so mixed up, you don't want to do more harm. When the entire 30 day period is up and they send you the updated report, get on the phone, call the Consumer Affairs dept, 800-395-6440 , and find out just what is going on. Demand that they fix what needs to be fixed. You will prob have to coach dh on what to say to get it done. Make sure he don't give up on it.

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Thank you for the phone number. I did wait the 30 days and “THE ADDITIONAL DISPUTED ACCOUNTS ARE NOT CURRENTLY REPORTING ON THE EQUIFAX CREDIT FILE” was what we got back with the supposed corrected version of his credit report. I guess I didn’t make that very clear. All the items I listed were not items from my original dispute letter, but items that were left on the “corrected” report AFTER I sent them documentation in order to remove several of them.

Thank you so much. I will have him call EQ today using the customer service number. That number is like gold. I have never been able to get past an automated recording!

I will keep you updated!

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