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Which is better......


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Not that any of these are good......

But how would you rate them.....

1. Charged off as bad debt

2. Account transferred or sold

3. Included in BK

4. Paid collection

1. Included in Bk

2. Charged off as bad debt

3. Paid Collection

4. Account transferred or sold

In order of worse to bearable, if that is possible, lol.

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Transferred or sold is not suppose to be negative just depends on the status at the time the account was transferred or sold.

Bankruptcy seems to get the worse reaction from lenders (other then mortgage companies - who will loan money 2 years shy of BK in the right conditions); just that the other ones out there, credit card, installment loans, personal finance. You are going to have a hard time of it getting back on you feet

You might possibly be able to have a decent score, but people will still treat you like a person to be avoided on this part -- or if they lend money (it will come at a high price!!!) Especially Car Loans are bad.

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