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I know you guys know alot about credit cards

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once again you guys know the problems I am having with Wells Fargo, however, I am hoping it will be resolved one way or another in not more than a couple of months

well hoping for a positive outcome, I want to apply for some credit cards to help diversify my credit file (never had a cc before), and I have done alot of reading, but you see I am a full time college student and I do not have a job, and from as far as I know I only qualify for student credit cards, however, I did apply for a couple right after the discharge of our BK7 with discover, citibank, mbna, chase and of course I was denied,

If I cannot get a student card I was going to get a secured card from somewhere, preferablly a bank that offers both a secured and a student card, so that way after having a secured card for a year or so I could get them to change it to a student card

if you guys know anything about approval for these programs or any program I could get approved for please let me know



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