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OMG!!!!!!!!!Union Plus Approval

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That is wonderful, great news - congradulations!!!

Now for the best utiliation you want to keep your balance under $1,200 on this card and maintain minimum payments over the course of a few months to get a payment history established on this account.

You will be prime to go, :-)

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Congrats donnak on the new cc, sure feels great doesn't it!!!! :lol:

Have you tried for the corvette card yet? I applied for the corvette card and got $3000 and about 4 hours later DH why not try for the UP card so I did and got $3500.

Congrats again!!


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You have been approved for a Union Plus Credit Card with a credit line of $4000


are u a union member? i saw their app and it asked about union stuff which i dont have . i also read they dont verify union numbers and stuff.. so if i want to just fill them up what should i do...how many numbers are there in union number.


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