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2nd OC Dispute Question


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I just got the green cards back from my second OC DV letters after they failed to respond at all to my first letters.

I am going to dispute them online with the CRAs, but I'm not sure what to put as the reason for my dispute. I have previously disputed them as "not mine" and had them "verified" by the CRAs.

Can I dispute them as "not mine" again since the OCs haven't proven they are mine yet or is there a different reason I can use?

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It depends really on how long ago you disputed these as not mine. If it was in the last two months, you need to use a different reason.

Dispute Excuses:

Not mine

Wrong amount

Wrong account number

Wrong original creditor

Wrong Charge-off Date

Wrong Date of Last Ativity

Wrong Balance

Wrong Credit limit

Wrong Status( there is about 20 right there)

Wrong High Credit (....the highest amount you used)

I didn't pay late that month

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