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Experian is harder to delete!!


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I have 18 accounts. EXP 546

2 Public Records Judgement(Satisfied) and 1 Dismissed Ch. 13

7 Collection Accounts

3 bad revolving tradelines CAp1(1997), Providian(2000), Merrick Bank(2001)

2 30 day lates were good accounts and are paid.

2 of the 7 accounts are in dispute. Waiting for DV's

:):) I have 3 good tradelines with Jewelry Store(closed), and 2 CC accounts.

I was able to delete 8 since I started FEB of this year. Any advice on trimming down the fat?

Thanks to all who reply. **Previous Addresses were deleted today

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EQ has been a PITA :x When I called to dispute one of the accounts will come off 9/2004 not a month sooner :cry: . I would try and contact the OC but they are out of business :(

I wish TU had a phone number to contact them instead of writing. I think there is a fax number but I can't seem to find the thread that had it :cry:

CHOD will be the way to go for these last negs. A little disappointed since I wanted to refinance this year with the low rates :roll:

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