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you guys know anything about these banks

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BB &T of First Citizens- in regard to getting cc approval with bk7 and all, if you have any info please provide it

also, I noticed in the cc sticky you made that you said Bank of America will approve you if you can show unusual circumstances and that you have good credit history since then, could you please elaborate and tell what you think I would need to tell them to get approved and what do I need to provide, etc.

trying to find out b/c I want to get a cc after I finish dealing with Wells Fargo.



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You must have re-established credit for B of A to approve you, and submit a good excuse for the bk.

If you have no other cards or other loans established yet, your best place to start will be household orchard bank card. Or the First Premier Bank Gold card. Household has lower fees, but fpbg has lower interest rates. After you have one or two of these open for a year or so, then you should apply for bofa cards.

I no nothing about the other bank you mentioned.

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I went into my local BofA branch the other day and applied for one of their secured credit cards. The lady I spoke with was very polite and I gave her a deposit for the card and she said I should hear something in about two weeks. She also said that once I have my card for about a year, they will convert it to a regular unsecured card and up my limit. Have you tried getting one of their secured cards?

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