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OUCH...5 new accounts hit EQ last night


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Well, as some of you may know, I applied for several (I know, I'm bad :oops: but actually DH did most of it) new cc's last month and was approved for 3 store cards & 3 visa/mc cc's ($7900 in new credit). 1 hit about 2 weeks ago and my score dropped from a 694 to a 672 (also had a cap 1 paid co deleted the same time which may have affected the score some due to age of accounts). Well, wouldn't you know it, the other 5 all were on EQ as of this morning on PG. I couldn't believe that they all hit on the same day. I was afraid to see what my score dropped to but it was driving me crazy so I went and pulled it and was thrilled to find that it only dropped to a 669. I am sooo happy!!

When I pulled my 1st EQ report to start the repair process (March 14, 2003) my score was a 599 with 3 paid co's (1 of which is an au), 3 ca's, 1 lawsuit that wasn't reduced to judgement, 3 open current positive tl's and 1 closed tl that had 1 30 & 1 60 day late. Now I have 9 current open tl's, 1 paid co (providian au account that I have filed a complaint with attorney general on) and 1 open medical collection (I'm paying on this & it should fall off next year) .

The people on this board are wonderful. None of this would have been possible without everything that I learned on this board. Now I will just allow my tl's to age.

Thank you everyone for your help!


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