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Need advice with a few collections


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First of all I am in Kentucky. Here are the tradelines I need help with...

Collecton Reported 10/02 to Franklin Collection Services Client:Bellsouth

Amount:336;UNPAID; Balance-336

Date of Last Activity 07/01 Individual Account, Account Number XXXXX

This is probably mine, I do not remember for sure. What would be my best bet for getting it deleted?

Second one:

Collecton Reported 05/02; Assigned 03/02 to Credit Bureau Systems, Inc

Client: BE Municipal Utilities; Amount $322 Date of last activity: 10/01; Individual Account, Account number XXXX

Same question as above, this is mine I know.. What is my best bet for getting it off?

Last one:

Collection Reported:06/03 Assigned 06/98 to Credit Bureau Systems, Inc

Client: Dr Martha Morgan (OBGYN)-$93;IN BANKRUPTCY;Balance )

Date of last Activity 03/97 Individual accout: account number ****

Bankruptcy-Chapter 7

Ok this one is just wrong. This collection has been on there since 07/98 but when I disputed with credit bureaus now it says reported 06/03. Also it has the doctor and her speciality.. Is that allowed???

Thanks in advance for your help...

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Unless you're within the initial 30 days or on a tight timeline, always start out by disputing as "not mine". Sometimes you'll be able to get rid of a lot just by doing that and won't even have to deal with the CA's at all. If that doesn't work, go debt validation. Let us know in 30 days what your results are and we'll take it from there...

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