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Pls Help: 2nd Dispute w/Exp-Sunoco


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I think I made a mistake of disputing too quickly a "new old" TL: Now how do I position next dispute?

Quick History: Sunoco/CA (never on CRs)

4/99: Received Sunoco gas card

??/99: Deliquency started for $48 balance (argument over "promo billing")

6/2000: Went to CA; never contacted by CA

5/2001: On CRs; paid $48 to process mortgage

7/9/2003: Called CA; requested "Goodwill removal", CA AGREED!

7/2?-30/2003: Sunoco TL starts showing up on all 3 CRs (120/180 days)

7/30/2003: Disputed as "Not Mine" w/Experian

8/12/2003: Sent "DV" to Sunoco (CMRRR)

8/15/2003: Disputed as "Not Mine" w/Equifax & TU

8/17/2003: Experian "Investigation Results(on-Line): "REMAINS"

8/18/2003: CA TL DELETED from Experian! (my 1st true Deletion!)

What should my next dispute w/Experian be? Should it be CMRRR or On-Line?

Thanks All

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I'd dispute it as "Sunoco has lousy fuel--I shouldn't be obligated to pay for their watered down crap".

OK seriously(well ok I was serious about Sunoco having bad gas), I've had nothing but the best of success with EX by disputing online.

As for what you should dispute it as...I'm guessing dispute the balance...you didn't say if it was showing as you still owing the 40 some odd dollars, I don't think.

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