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This is for all the experts on this board your help would be infintely appreciated:

Here we go:

EX has been the most difficult CRA to deal with. I have a Cap One card that has been deleted from TU & EQ but EX keeps verifying. This account is set to fall off from my report in May-04 but I am trying to get it removed sooner. I have disputed this several times with EX but same results. What should I do next?

I have an account which is not mine (really) from Anderson Financial Network. It too has also been deleted from EQ & TU. But EX keeps verifyin. I sent a DV to Anderson(2x) but haven't heard anything from them. Any help with this one would be good as well.

Finally, there is an entry from OSI collections, which has since gone bankrupt, that EX keeps verifying but TU and EQ have deleted. How can I get this one removed from EX. I guess I need sample letters like ITS etc. Your expertise on these matters would be great.

I have been at this credit repai thing since May and I have had some great success but, EX has been a thorn in my side as it pertains to the above mentioned accounts. My wife has great credit and we plan to buy a house this time next year. this board has been a great help but, the journey isn't over. To anyone who may feel some frustration as you battle this credit war please stay focused....The end will most definnitley justify the mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( I think that is right LOL :oops::p:lol:

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