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Keep your friends close...and you enemies closer!! look


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thisis from Collectionindustry.com


I found this website in my travels and it is by far the best one I have used for basic searches and reverses. It searches all of the other large sites like infospace and whitepages and give the results in a useable format.

Best of all it is FREE!.

If you don't use it already you might check it out.


Here is the blurb from thier website.

Argali White & Yellow offers the best way to search for telephone numbers and email addresses on the Internet

Argali White & Yellow searches multiple telephone and email directories in a single mouse click. The found matches are combined, formatted in uniform way and displayed as if they came from one integrated metadirectory. Many additional types of searches are also provided – as listed below.

Argali White & Yellow is FREE

Argali White & Yellow is free because it is advertisement supported — just like traditional paper-based telephone directories.

Argali White & Yellow can perform the following searches:

• search for people phone numbers

• search for business phone numbers

• reverse search like "whose phone number is this?"

• reverse search like "who lives at/on this address/street?" and "what businesses are at/on this address/street?"

• search for toll-free phone numbers

• search for email addresses

• search for maps

• search for area codes

• search for zip codes

• search for weather conditions and forecast

Additional features:

• search results can be: – sorted (by last/business name, address/street, city, state, zip code or phone number),

– saved into a file (in html, csv or text format),

– printed.

• Argali White & Yellow remembers your last 20 search results.

• Argali White & Yellow automatically updates itself when a new version becomes available.


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I went to a site via another board (should have bookmarked it and didnt) and I found myself more than 56 times. I also seen that they have my parents bday down as mine. I didn't pay to view it, I am sure there was a lot of info about me. Makes you wonder what happened to our privacy rights.

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