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Aspire VISA..anyone ever heard of em?

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Read the fine print. I used to be a customer service rep for Aspire Visa. Worked in the activation dept. If you didn't activate your card I would call and help you. At that time the APR on some of the cards was a whopping 32.25% !

Although we were instructed to tell the customer that the interest rate was only 2.69% per month and it was only in the two page disclosure that the APR of 32.25 % was ever mentioned and that was half way through it when no one was listening to us anyway. Not all of the cards carried that kind of a rate, just the ones that went out to people who had some credit problems in the past. Make sure you know what you are getting before you agree. If they have made a decent offer and there are no huge fees and the interest rate is reasonable then the company is a good as any other out there. May be better than some.

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