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DV Question Re: vehicle storage

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I'm new here but there is lots of great info. I have a question regarding dv. I recently found a collection on my cr. Long story short, my car was towed, and I didn't retrieve it. Towing company wanted $935 for storage. However, the sold the car while I was deployed to Kuwait and transferred the debt to a ca. How should I dispute this collection. I never had a contract with the towing co. obviously and they made money on the sale of my vehicle. I don't know if dv is the right process or if there is another means to have this removed. Thanks in advance.

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First off I think you might need to contact a lawyer to get further advice, since you had been in the service during this period of time. I know there is at least one additional law that would of helped you here had you enacted it, but I am not sure if this is prior or can be addressed after the fact.

Second we need to know what state you are in, or what state this was enacted in, cause the laws per state differ. I am not much up on this part, so once you fill in some more detail - hopefully one of the other members may be able to assist you out better.

I would think maybe ladynred or calawyer would be the members for you to locate on this matter, their understanding of legal matters are quite strong on this part. Best of wishes.

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