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does anyone know anything about reaging a cc?


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DH had an INDIVIDUAL JCPEnny cc account opened 12-1999 that was charged off in 9/2001 and it was included in BK7 after the discharge, the limit was $200, well he never used it and it accumulated like $49 in late charges, so he through it in with the BK stuff, well what we were wondering, to help build up our scores faster, would it be possible to reage the account with them, and they still report the account with the same account number, same open date, and no negative notations within the trade line, and of course we want to have myself added as co-applicant if possible b/c I have never had a cc, but Sis said that I should probably wait on that one, anyway

If we can do this, we need to make sure our old addresses are out of their databases for the fact we are going to dispute our BK7 in the future as not mine,

Mainly what I am looking for is some help getting the info I need to write them a letter, so that is really what I need help with is writing the beginnign letter and what information I need to ask

I posted this before, so if anybody has any ideas please let me know



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