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Equifax is Unbelievable


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:evil: The is really unbelievable. 9 tradelines, 7 perfect, 2 with issues. 1 bankruptcy from 4/1995. Disputed two accounts.

Sears - disputed charge off and deragatory comments. Equifax removed all deragatory remarks and changed the status from '9' to '1'.

Ford - disputed 1-30 day late. Equifax removed the late payment.

Now all 9 accounts are perfect.

But, my score went from 696 to 678.

Absolutely no other changes on the report. Nothing has been re-aged, deleted, no inquiries at all.

Really confused!

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That is a bummer, I have no idea - other then there must be something that is overlooked here, like if balances happen to change.

I know you can dispute that bankruptcy and try to bump, but with as old as it is, you are not likely to see a score improvement their either cause it is so old.

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They say that around 30% / 20% is prime, maybe there is a such thing as being too low. :roll:

Credit Cards are the main accounts to drive up this part of the scores, how many accounts do you have open total of what type:

Student Loans (how many)

Revolving (how many & what is credit limit verses balances)

How old are these accounts?

Sounds like you have a fair mix with auto and the others you listed,

How many inquiries in the last year do you have?

Might be something here that can be improved on,

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1 home loan - current

1 home loan - paid off $0 balance

1 student loan owe 30% of original balance

1 car loan owe 30% of original balance

1 Paid off car loan - $0 balance

1 Finance Company loan - paid off $0 balance

3 credit cards - total limit $700, owe total of $35 - just paid them down.

1 inquiry from 1 1/2 years ago

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By all means every thing looks good here,

The only real improvement I can see you accomplishing is to request credit limit increases, and to maybe charge a bit of a balance back to each card, like $50 per card then see what happens.

Might be also your age on the accounts is not very long - if you just paid and closed any just recently this might contribute in drop in score.

Cause when you pay, you are closing available credit limits - shrinking this part down even smaller.

If the credit cards are young, then maybe time is needed to age a payment history. That is the only possibilities I can see here.

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