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Is this "re-ageing"

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Going thru my July 2003 Experian report, and this item has been sitting there for a long time, (years maybe) but after reading posts on this forum, I am curious if this is an example of "re-ageing"


Date Opened 3-1975

Reported Since 8-1995

Date of Status 7-2003

Last reported 7/2003

Type Revolving

Terms NA

Monthly Pmt $0

Responsibility Joint with (my wifes name)

Credit Limit NA

High Balance $921

Recent Balance NA

Recent Payment "no entry"

Status Details Status: Paid/Never Late

This account is scheduled to continue on record

until 7-20-2013

Your comment: "Account closed at consumers


I did have a JC Penny charge card...It was paid in full in 12/96...There were problems, I was unemployed and it took me about 9 months to pay it off...JC Penny closed the account...

With this info, questions:

1. Why would the Last Reported date be July 2003???...I assume this is a date that JC Penny reported TO Experian the activity on the account...there has been no activity for nearly 7 years...

2. Why would the status state: "This account is scheduled to continue on record until 7-20-2013???...I believe the maximum amount of time is 7 years and since I paid the account in full in 12-96 I would assume the time limit would be 7 years from the 12-96 date, or December of this year 2003...

Now it appears to another 10 more years...

Is this "re-ageing"...can they do this???



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This account is positive not negative - it is not showing any lates, says paid as agreed.

When accounts are considered positive they always report for 10 years.

I see there is a discrepency between the time of last activity and when you know you had last paid on this account - but by all means they are not reporting anything negative on this - unless you left something out.

I would be happy for someone to re-age a positive account :-)

Give you more time for benefiting from the reporting - and contributing to your credit scores.

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