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ex's debt


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I am going crazy I don't know what to do next?

I have a charge on my cr that was in my ex-husbands

name and mine there was a zero balance and

no late at the time, he closed it and open in another account

number and told them to take my name off then he charged and never paid 60 days late etc...now they are saying i am responsable to

I mailed them 2 DV letters, called them never heard anything


Also sent letter to the cra and exp did delete it (thank god)

but nothing from the other 2 cra. Can any one help What next.


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The OC is not bound by the FDCPA, therefore, your DV means nothing to them. What you need to do is have them prove to you that you signed the contract on the new account. You will also need to have your EX clarify what had happened. I don't think they can hold you liable if the previous was closed with a zero and he opened a new w/o your name. That would be the best way to start in clearing this up.

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