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I am on my way!!!


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Hello all!

I have been "peeking" for some time now and have recently begun to repair my credit. This board is awesome and I can't wait to update you all on my success. So far I have seny by mail 9 dispute letters to all CRA's

and Registered to PG. I had been pulling my reports via myfico, but I think I like PG better so far as their scores are a bit higher :D

Thanks to all who work at keeping info on this board updated and accurate.




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While it is nice to see higher scores, know that most lenders use FICO. Although psychologically it may be helpful to see those higher scores. :)

Welcome to the club and best of luck to you. You sent them CMRRR, right?

I sent them CRRR. Is there a big difference? Please inform. Thanx.

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Welcome aboard!

This is a GREAT resource and IT WORKS! If I wore a hat, it would currently be tipped toward Kristy.

Stick around and learn and you'll be able to meet whatever credit goals you might have.


Tipped towards Kristy eh? I'll keep that in mind. :D

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