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Target Card Anyone?


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Hi, wondering if anyone out there is starting to build their credit with a target card? I need to know a little bit of information about them for I'm considering doing a high balance and returning an item i got for 192 dollars as soon as it shows up on my CR on PG. My questions are...

Is this perfectly okay to do with target? or will they think something is up?

If I do this, Is it promising that it will show the high balance on my CR?

And if everything is okay to do.. Can I still go and charge something next month with my BIG 200 dollar credit limit and just pay from there?

I'm just trying to basically protect myself from target getting pissed off at me and taking the card away ect... Its been 13 days from when I got the item and its still not on PG ..but hopefully will be soon! :D

Also... How long until target will give a higher credit limit? Anyone?


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No, Target should not take away your card for any reason - unless you just don't pay your bill.

You can return purchases - that is seperate from them, the store should honor the return policy which they have.

And just because you don't immediately see the reporting and have made a charge don't mean that taking it back before posting won't already accomplish the update some creditors will post no matter what.

I would think that it would - if you miss out this time, then maybe it just means you moved to fast - in that case just complete your return and wait until you know better when this creditor reports data at what time of month then try again.

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